Volumetric Filter

Volumetric Filter


For residential and semi-commercial pools

One-piece blow-molded filter tank combining the technology of structural engineered high-density polyethylene material manufactured to maximize the strength of the filter. It is perfectly suited for all pools with different disinfection systems (Salt chlorinator , Ozone, UV, and chemical dosing).

The Volumetric Filter is engineered for the best clarity of filtered water and an outstanding pressure standard among the market benchmarks.

The filter incorporates a multiport valve manufactured from robust components to create the most efficient, reliable, and user-friendly filter with the best value for money positioning in the market..

Professional approach to creating better water




1  Better Water: 30% more volume of filtration bed among other filters in the market to improve the filtration quality.                                     

2  Less Backwash: The high volume of filtration bed allows the filter to trap more dirt and as a result, less frequency of backwash is required.

3  User-friendly: Easy to install, maintain and replace. Affordable spare parts available.

4  High compatibility: The filter and its components are compatible in all different kinds of pool applications.

5  Robust Performance: HDPE filter body provide the best protection under any extreme weather conditions.

Product Information:

1  Tank Material: HDPE

    2  Max operating pressure 58 psi /4 bar

      3  Max temperature of 50°C (122°F)

        4  Universal standard of union connection is provided

          4  Suggested size of media : 0.5-0.8mm

            5  PVC & ABS lateral is provided

              6  Pressure gauge is provided

              7  Equipped with 6-way clamp style multiport valve (1.5”MPV07, 2”MPV08)

              Technical Data

              Technical Information

              Technical Information

              Product Dimension

              Product Dimension