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Emaux’s Product Support Centre is designed for a simple and convenient download of all kinds of product and service information. Please click the left-hand side menu for the categories of download files. To view these files, Acrobat Reader should be installed to access PDF files.

Please note that the categories of Product Photo, Certification, Product CAD Drawing, and Technical Literature are solely for our Authorized Dealers who have login and password provided by our salesperson. Other areas are open to public viewing.

We offer official product photos to assist Emaux’s distributors in preparing their own printing materials, advertisements, websites, and other marketing activities.
Emaux has been awarded many projects worldwide to supply the equipment for Commercial Pool, Waterpark, Aquatic Complex, Aquarium, and Water Treatment Plant. Here are a few highlights from our collection of reference projects.
We provide a wide range of quality approved spare parts and offer an unrivaled after-sales support service.
Download the spare parts guide. With fast, easy access to the broadest range of long-lasting high-quality parts. It displays product exploded view diagrams of spare parts and fit kits you need.
Emaux understands the importance of technical training and communication. Various Product Technical Presentations and Model Selection Guides are provided to enhance your product knowledge in different aspects.
Emaux distributes its products worldwide and its commitment to quality has gained confidence from customers. Emaux is certified with various international standards that cater to different requirements of safety standards in the world.
Emaux offers a powerful range of product drawings to help you design & apply our products in your projects.
We recommended our business partners and distributors to download and review the latest Order Form, Payment Instruction, Terms & Conditions, Warranty Policy, and other useful documents here.
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To reward our clients with complement and support, Emaux offers a range of “Lifestyle” items.