E-Lumen X Underwater Light

E-Lumen X Underwater Light


E-Lumen X Underwater Light


True Color RGB with Warm White and Cool White LED
Quick, easy and direct replacement with a Retrofit Connector
Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, E-Lumen X series light gives increased energy efficiency and lumen rate. The LED light adopts white (including cool white and warm white), red, green, blue (R, G, B) five basic colors of LED chips, with high color rendering and constant color over time and temperature. Also, E-Lumen X Series Light is equipped with a 2-core wire connector which is for easy light replacement to satisfy the retrofit market.

Waterproof Standard IP68
Face Ring Material
ABS/Strainless Steel
Concrete Wall Mount

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Face Ring Color

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ColorTouch Light Control Box with Remote Controller
Two zones synchronized color control
By using the simple two-core wires and 12~32Vac operation system, ColorTouch system becomes an ideal choice for most of the pool retrofit and refurbishment projects. One-touch 7 individual colors, auto-color changing, and 3-level brightness dimmer selections by using the remote-controller which features compact, user-friendly design and water resistant. 50m wireless remote-control distance in open area.


1  High energy efficiency and lumen rate.

2  Innovative designs of the diffusion lens and bulb matrix provide exception reflection, brightness and angle of illumination.

3  Longevity lasts for more than 9,000 hours

4  The drilled holes on the face ring also contribute to the light intensity and angle of illumination by allowing light penetration throughout.

5  ColorTouch Light Control Box with Remote Controller provides direct light color change and two zones synchronized color control.

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