E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED Panel

E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED Panel


E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED Panel

E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED Panel

E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED Panel

The Ultra-Thin LED panel carries the latest LED development on the market, it has the most energy efficiency and luminous efficiency technology. The convenient plug-n-play panel kit replaces most of the underwater lights in the market, by only unscrewing few bolts of your old and energy costly light bulb with Ultra-Thin LED Panel.

Lighting Effect

1. E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED panel available in color : RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Warm White, Cool White, as well as Single Blue
2. RGB model features 6 brilliant rich colors customized the mood of the pool with owner preference and 8 colors pre - programmed light show delivers Dazzling Rainbow and Smooth Fading effects


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Compatible Models

Emaux E Lumen series Underwater Light - E- Lumen for pool and spa

E-Lumen Light

Emaux E-Lumen Series Underwater Light - EL-NP300 for pool and spa


Emaux E-Lumen Series Underwater Light - EL-H200 for pool and spa


Emaux E-Lumen Series Underwater Light - EL-S300 for pool and spa



1  Resin filled LED panel allows 100% water proofing

2  Ultra-Thin LED panel has 25,000 hours lifetime,10 times more than halogen bulb

3  More brightness (lumens) for less watts

4  Cool -operating LED panel focused on producing brightness, compared to other lights that 90% of energy Is wasted on their heats

5  Unlike other LED lights, Ultra-Thin LED panel keeps working even a single LED bulb goes out

6  Simple bolts fixing fittings are provided to replace PAR56 type of pool and spa underwater lights

7  European & American niches compatible

8  Emaux remote control box compatible

Technical Data

Technical Information

Technical Information

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