Glass Filtration Media

Glass Filtration Media


Glass Filtration Media

Emaux Glass Filtration Media for all type of swimming pool, water part and water features

For all types of swimming pool, water park and water features

Create Crystal Clear Water


1. Cost effective, a direct replacement for silica sand
2. Improve the clarity which overwhelms the result of using silica sand
3. Remove finer impurities than an equivalent grade of silica sand
4. Longer operation life due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily
5. Save water and power for backwashing
6. Suitable for commercial potable water treatment, commercial rapid-rate re-use water filters, waste water treatment, and sewage treatment (lattice structure ideal for biological control)


Crystal medium has multiple advantages compared to sand:

1 High filtration quality

2 Improved water transparency

3 With the same media size, smaller particles are removed

Cost Saving

1 Reduce 25% of water for backwashing

2 Reduce power consumption for backwashing and shorten the backwashing time

3 Longer operation life than silica same due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily


1 Swimming Pool

2 Waterpark

3 Water Treatment

4 Aquarium

Size available

1 0.5mm-0.8mm

2 1.0mm-2.0mm

3 3.0mm-4.0mm

we have 2 sizes (15KG per Bag & 25KG per Bag) of the packaging

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