Nano Tech MPUV Disinfection System


The NT-MPUV series of medium pressure ultraviolet units is designed to be an easy to install system giving a cost effective olution for commercial disinfection and chloramine reduction.

Medium pressure UV systems are very effective against highly infectious Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lambia species which can exist in swimming pool water. These are virtually unaffected by the levels of chlorine used to sanitise swimming pools. The use of chlorine in swimming pools results in the formation of chloramines as a direct result of its interaction with pollutants and it is these that result in eye and skin irritation combined with unpleasant odours.

Reduciton of these by utilising medium pressure UV results in a vastly improved water quality in atmospheric environment.


Commercial Swimming Pools and Spas

Water Features

Lakes and Ponds




1 Sustantial reduction in chloramines

2 Medium pressure UV lamps for maximum oxidation

3  Microprocessor control with data loggoing

4 Connects to building managment systems

5  Automatic "Smartdrive" wiper system as standard

6  Simple lamp replacement

7 CE approved

8 316 L Stainless steel reactor vessel


Main Characteristics

1 Easy to install with in-line vessel design

2 Higher UV efficiency

3  Typical UVT is 90% at 60 mJ/cm2

4 Input power cost 

5 Lower power consumption

Technical Data