Dual Stack Sand Filter

Dual Stack Sand Filter


Dual Stack Internal

Demand Minimal Footprint
For aquarium and large scale waterland

The Emaux Dual Stack Sand Filter is engineered to the highest strength and durability. The filter is built to maximize long term performance to resist structural failures caused by corrosion and pressure. It offers a vertically stacked design that doubles the filtration capacity for the same footprint. The Dual Stack Sand Filter is ideal for high-load or high-flow of water facilities such as public pools and water parks.

Filtration System laterals
Design Filtration Velocity
Max Operating Pressure
Max Temperature
Suggested Size of Media
0.5-0.8mm, 1-2mm

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 Minimized the floor space for installation

 Integral base design and self-supporting stackable structure

 Available in a complete system using Emaux manifold valve systems

 Optional Vinyl Ester coating maximizes corrosion resistance against saltwater and all kind of pool chemicals including ozone.



Technical Data