Custom-Built Commercial Filter

Custom-Built Commercial Filter


With the professional engineering experience and a large size Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) production facility, Emaux is capable to design and manufacture a wide variety of commercial sand filters constructed by a multiple-layer moulded structural inner layer and a continues outer filament winding by computer controlled winding machines.

Emaux offers a fully customized service from system design, dimensions, working pressure, connections, to internal and external finishing to meet your project needs. The products are designed and manufactured in accordance to the latest international industry standards such as BS EN-13121, European Directive of Pressure Vessels 97/23/EC; and used a quality assurance program that stats with confirmation and testing of raw materials right through all stages of the manufacture and testing. Each Sand Filter is individually pressure tested and comes with its own factory test certificate, quality assurance record and serial number.


GRP Sand Filter Provide Numerous Benefits:

1  Light and easy handling

2 Non-Corrosion

3 UV Resistance, suitable for operation under prolong sunlight

4 Chemical resistance by Epoxy Vinyl Easter Resin barrier

5 No electrical conductivity

6 Nil maintenance

7 Low ratio of thermal expansion

8 Long life

Components and Materials:

- Stainless Steel parts are made of AISI 316 S.S.

- Plastic parts are in PVC or ABS

- The gasket or O'ring sealants are in EPDM or VITON material for Ozone resistance

Emaux offer full customer care support form system design to on-site support. Assist customers to review their design before building the filter, provide on-site inspection before installation, and installation supervision.

Available spare parts for filter service and maintance.

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