Pole and Hose

Pole and Hose


Pole and Hose

Aluminium Telescopic Poles With Grip Lock

Telescopic Poles are constructed of premium drawn aluminum tubing. With the wall thickness of 1.2mm, the OD and ID are 31.8mm and 29.4mm respectively. It comes with vinyl handle and user-friendly grip lock. Designed to work with hand skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes and vacuum heads.

Emaux Aluminium Telescopic Poles for residential and commercial

Emaux Blow Mold Vacuum Hose for residential and commercial

Blow Mold Vacuum Hose

The economic blow mold flexible hose is made specifically for pool vacuuming. It withstands pool chemicals and outdoor conditions. The inner wall design of the hose also allows for an efficient flow of the pool cleaning.

Spiral Wound Vacuum Hose

The Emaux spiral wound hose has a crush proof construction and is used by service professionals to manually vacuum the pools. The hose is known for their high quality, durable construction, UV protection and abrasion resistance.

Emaux Spiral Wound Vacuum Hose for residential and commercial


Emaux offers the most advanced swimming pool maintenance hoses. Suitable for residential and commercial. The hoses come with a swivel vacuum head cuff, and are available for the most popular lengths.

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