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The health benefit and therapeutic value saunas provide have been known for centuries. For these reasons, Emaux offers a range of saunas to help relax and improve your overall health as well as promote well being. All Emaux Saunas are made with special spruce wood panels, tempered glass door and high-quality sauna heater which is easy to use.

Standard Sauna Room

Standard Sauna Room

All-in-one sauna room, completed with high quality bench and heater, guarantee your enjoyment with trouble-free.

Standard Sauna Room
EMS 1000
1M x 1M Pre-built Sauna
EMS 1500
1.5M x 1.5M Pre-built Sauna
EMS 2000
2M x 2M Pre-built Sauna


With a stainless steel outer casing, BC series sauna heater gives your sauna room a modern look. Built-in control and external control are optional for difference operation.

BC30, BC35 BC23E, BC30E, BC35E
Low Power Stainless Steel Sauna Heater
BC45, BC60, BC80, BC90, BC45E, BC60E, BC80E, BC90E
Medium Power Stainless Steel Sauna Heater
BC105, BC135, BC165
High Power Stainless Steel Sauna Heater

Sauna Accessories

Emaux offer you the best and the most suitable accessories for your sauna.
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