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SDB Deep-Bed Filter
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EMAUX "SDB" Series Side Mount Deep Bed Filter offers a more thorough filtration with the standard of either 1.0m or 1.2m depth sand bed which is suitable for high filtration performance of domestic swimming pool.


  • Non-corrosive fiberglass and resin
  • UV resistance, suitable for operation under prolong sunlight
  • Max operating pressure 36 psi / 2.5 bar
  • Max temperature of 43°C (109 °F)
  • Maximum filtration velocity: 50m3/h/m2
  • Suggested size of media : 0.5-0.8mm sand
  • Dual layers of laterals
  • Ø4" Sight glass
  • Ø158mm manhole for servicing
  • Ø2" bottom drain
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