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Biological Media
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Biological media is anything inert that provides housing for beneficial bacteria. With our expertise we bring you the most efficient biological media with different shapes that matches your requirements.

Cylinder series

Cylinder series filtration media provides an ideal growth environment for biological filtration. With its rough surface, it can ensures fast biomass accumulation and is suitable for aquarium, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and aerobic and anaerobic submerged filters. The Cylinder series filtration media is made with PE materials, which can offer long product life.

Bio-ball series

The Bio-ball series filtration media is light and durable, that are easy to clean and reduce channelling. Each ball is 60mm in diameter and has nearly 25 square inches of surface area for bacterial colonization. The Bio-ball series filtration media is made with Polyethylene materials, which can offer long product life.

Bio-ring series

A polypropylene media is a small plastic media with huge surface area up to 1776m2/m3. With its light weight, it can allow easy circulation which is suitable for moving bed filtration.

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