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Emaux Ozone Mixing and Contact Vessels
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The ozone mixing vessels are specifically designed to provide excellent gas mixing and diffusion dynamics in a low differential pressure mixing chamber.

The vessel is manufactured using a thick moulded core using ozone resistant VE resin and externally reinforced mono filament spiral wound layer. The vessels are available in 2.5 and 4.0 bar operating pressure.

Standard sizes are 700, 900, and 1200 mm dia. All vessels are 4.0 metres tall and come standard with observation window, inlet and outlet ports and a drain valve. These vessels require a inlet manifold which includes a venturi or multiple venturi’s as required. The mix vessels can be supplied with or without the inlet manifold.

The mix vessel is designed to be used upstream of the ozone contact vessel which retains the gas and water in contact for sufficient time for a near complete reaction. The vessel is made in a similar way to the mix vessel and available in 2.5 and 4.0 bar working pressures.

The ozone contact vessels can be used with the mix chamber or with ozone directly injected into the contact chamber through multiple venturi’s depending on application.

The vessels are available in 1600, 1800, and 2000 mm dia.
All vessels are 4200 mm tall and designed to provide a 3 minute contact time at the designed flow. They come standard with inlet and outlet ports, observation window and vessel drain. The vessels 900 mm and larger in diameter come with a maintenance hatch/manhole for inspection and maintenance purposes.

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Emaux Ozone Mixing Chamber Spec

Ozone mixing chamber dimension  Ozone mixing chamber dimension 2

Emaux Ozone Contact Chamber Spec

Emaux Ozone Contact Chamber Dimension  Emaux Ozone Contact Chamber Dimension 2