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Emaux Biological High Rate Sand Filters
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The new Emaux Biological High Rate Sand Filter have been developed over many years in conjunction with the professional LSS component designers and are specifically designed for excellent particle separation, beneficial biological activity and efficient nutrient export through the backwashing process. This design of filter has been used successfully in many large public aquarium applications throughout the world.

The plenum plate nozzle underdrain system ensures uniform drainage and movement of nutrients and oxygen in the filter bed and eliminates anaerobic activity found in many lateral equipped sand filters. The plenum plate design also allows more complete and efficient backwashing.

The vessels consist of a Vinyl Ester bonded moulded core which is externally reinforced by a spiral wound mono filament fabric The vessels can be made in 2.5 and 4 bar operating pressure. Higher pressure vessels are available on request.

The vessels are available in 8 sizes from 900 mm internal diameter to 2500 mm internal diameter. Designed flow rate for optimum filtration and beneficial biological activity is 22 M3/hr (6l/s/M2). The vessels come standard with manhole/inspection hatch, observer/operator viewing port, filter drain, inlet and outlet flanged ports and air bleed.

The filter is suitable for use with silica sand, zeolite or glass bead media which can be supplied with the filters if required.

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Emaux Sand Filter Ranger Spec

SF Dimension   SF Dimension 2