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Dosing Pump
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The automatic monitoring system measures the PH value and Redox/ORP value of water through the relative voltage of probes. Total control & dosing through the desired setpoint.

With a compact structure, nice design,professional recognition, easy to install and operate. Digital Metering pump with pH/Redox control meter on board. Adjustbale manual control with proportional dosing flow rate, for the right PH & Redox management.

Main Features:

  • Significant number of metering pumps, 16-word dual-line LCD screen, full working status display, automatic recording and storage
  • Built-in PH / ORP monitor, or dosing only
  • Automatically pump flow control is determined in accordance with Monitor PH/ORP value
  • PH, ORP, flow and other automatic/ manual calibration
  • With level gauge input interface, low level alarm
  • Flow meter input, telematics control
  • Password protection
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