Product Enquiry

  • Filtration

    Every swimming pool requires a swimming pool pump and filter for water circulation and water filtration. With Emaux’s range of filtration combos, you are sure the find the best filtration system suited to your pool.

  • Filtration Media

    Every filter requires different media that for different application. Emaux provides the latest media that would perform better filtration compare than traditional media.

  • Pump

    Emaux Pumps are engineered to deliver ultra performance to cater the needs of various requirements. They are both reliable and quiet running. Emaux pumps have CE/ ETL/ CSA Standard to guarantee safety usage.

  • Lighting

    Emaux Underwater Lights are designed for easy installation and with high illuminating power to enhance your night pool atmosphere. For safety reasons, all underwater lights are of low voltage and meet IP68 waterproof standard and include earth joint. Emaux lights come with both Stainless Steel and Plastic housing, both suitable for the varying degree of needs.

  • Pool Fittings

    Small part does matter. Emaux provides all kind of pool and spa fitting that makes your pool construction easy to manage. Made in ABS which has the resistance in corrosion and ultra-violet. Available in vinyl and concrete pool application.

  • Water feature

    Emaux range of water accessories for leisure and landscape design

  • Surrounding Equipment

    No swimming pool is without the surround equipment such as the ladder for getting in and out of the pool. Emaux has a wide range of surrounding equipment which makes your pool much more inviting.

  • Disinfection System

    Emaux range of products to sanitizing your pool, from salt chlorinators and UV-C disinfection system to chemcial dosing.

  • Cleaning and Testing Equipment

    Emaux range of cleaning equipment manufactured with the best materials to ensure the maximum strength and durability, as well as kits for water analysis.

  • Heating

    Emaux Heat Pump is efficient to heat up your swimming pool with low operation cost. Compared to using electrical heater, it can save up to 80% of the operation cost. Its heat exchanger made of PVC and Titanium tube which can withstand prolonged swimming pool water.

  • Sauna
    The health benefit and therapeutic value saunas provide have been known for centuries. For these reasons, Emaux offers a range of saunas to help relax and improve your overall health as well as promote well being. All Emaux Saunas are made with special spruce wood panels, tempered glass door and high-quality sauna heater which is easy to use.
  • Life Support System

    Emaux offers a wide range of equipment for aquariums developed thanks to our extensive experience and application of the most advanced technologies.