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Our strength in the

following aspects is the key

to our success


Product R&D

Our experienced R&D team proactively pursues breakthroughs in product innovation and OEM production leveraging know-how in mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics and plumbing.



The automated manufacturing process employs the most advanced technologies in mold making, plastic blow molding, plastic injection, fiberglass production, electronic controls and assembly.


Turnkey Project

The flexibly to provide one-stop solutions to meet every need for water treatment and water leisure.


Sales & Marketing

We effectively promote, market our products through diversified channels, such as exhibitions, seminars and training, and complete the offerings with our comprehensive after-sales service.



Emaux distribution channel is through International distributors, OEM branding.




Maintain and strengthen our global leadership in the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of advanced solutions for water treatment and water leisure.


Set the industry benchmark with remarkable products and exceptional customer service.


Maintain the quality of our products through stringently tested design and premium materials.


Realize added value in the production and a high degree of automation through mass and series production.

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